Entering the Chinese market needs a well thought through strategy and a solid preparation. There are all kinds of aspects that you should consider; many are easily overlooked.

Knowing that you should translate your name cards and website, how to hand over your name card, the importance of Guanxi, and how to say cheers in Chinese is a start, but there are many more issues that follow once you decided to take the first step towards China. In fact, before you even consider to think about doing business in China please consider how to protect your IP, trademark and/or technology and act on it immediately! Other questions that arise are for instance:

  • Is there a demand or a potential market for your product
  • Can you copy-paste your product or service to the Chinese market or do you need to localize it
  • Is the sector you work in governed by Chinese authorities/ Is your product allowed to be exported to China
  • Do you want to work with an agent, distributor, outsource, import or do you need to set up your own company, which form, how and where in China
  • How can you find, hire and keep staff
  • Are you working B2C, B2B or B2G and who are your clients and what kind of marketing can you use to reach your clients, use of Social Media like Wechat, Weibo, QQ, how can you optimize your SEO?
  • Do the contracts need to be in English or Chinese, and where can I find a good lawyer that can help me
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