Zakelijk China is an energetic, flexible company, constant on the move, focusing at Dutch companies aiming at the Chinese market.

Some companies know exactly what to do and how to proceed, some companies just don’t have a clue, and some companies have theoretical knowledge but no idea how to actually execute the strategy or do not have the capability to act on it.

It is my conviction that to be able to enter the Chinese market you need 5 things:

1. a request driven product, service or technology
2. knowledge of the Chinese market
3. capability to “see” and respect other cultures and its people
4. be able to speak Chinese, and
5. Time (okay, some money would also be nice).

When you have a product, service or technology with demand in China, but you lack the other necessities, I advise you not to enter the Chinese market without someone that can help you. Zakelijk China can help you develop and execute your market entry strategy, on a basis of advice, market research or other investigation, but also as free-lance project manager or quarter maker.

There are also other business opportunities or ideas that we can discuss, like how to find staff in the Netherlands, how to find Chinese investors for your company/project and so on. Zakelijk China is open for all kind of business deals, also in cooperation in innovative projects between the Netherlands and Europe.

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